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Business Partner

Become a Business Partner

We at Deepthi Software Solutions are constantly looking to expand our community of Business Partners, and to find Business Partners who wish to participate in the success of this unique and advanced Healthcare IT in the growing market.

What is a Business Partner ?
A Business Partner is an Individual or a company that offers DeepthiSoft’s Hospital Management Solutions, in its geographical area.

What type of services a Business Partner offers to its clients ?
A Business Partner may offer to their clients such as Hospitals, Labs, Diagnostics Centres, OPD Clinics, A complete range of Hospital Management and services.

Who are the potential clients ?
For Hospital Management service, the potential clients may be:

Small Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Polyclinics, Day Care centres
Big Hospitals
Super Specialty Hospitals & Tertiary clinics
Multi Specialty Hospitals

For Laboratory management service, the potential clients may be:

Small Pathology Labs, Lab Technician Units
Big Diagnostics Centres
Referring Labs
Chain of Labs, Diagnostics centres

What are the benefits for the clients to purchase DeepthiSoft products ?

Our Hospital Management Softwares enables any healthcare organisation to efficiently do patient management, efficient tracking and control, generate a wide variety of performance reports and real-time alerts. Customers who are using our softwares have increased their productivity 300% more with less spending on expenses, while the operations of the company become much more efficient and effective. The Medical Smart Office ( MSO ) improves overall management controls on the resources.

What types of Business Partnerships are offered from DeepthiSoft ?

DeepthiSoft offers 2 types of Business Partnerships :
1. Value Added Reseller (VAR)
2. Enterprise Level Partner (ELP)

What are the prerequisites for becoming business partners of DeepthiSoft ?
For Value Added Reseller (VAR)

If you have any office, otherwise you can start from your Home too.
2. Laptop Computer Systems, Min 1 (Must)
3. Ready to put you devoted fully for DeepthiSoft.
4. Devote your ample time for DeepthiSoft Business, Sales and Marketing especially.

VAR Joining Fee : Indian VAR Rs. 25,000

For Enterprise Level Partner (ELP)
1. Office Space 200-1000 Sq Ft in a good locality.
2. Laptop Computer Systems, Min 1-2. (Must)
3. Ready to put minimum 2-5 sales & service people.
4. Devote your ample time for DeepthiSoft Business, Sales and Marketing especially.

ELP Joining Fee : Indian ELP Rs. 1,00,000 (1 Lacs)

What is the business model ?

The business model is usually to sell DeepthiSoft Products, and get handsome commission on the business generation. Commission patterns are varying for VAR and ELP partners. DeepthiSoft Business partner gets DeepthiSoft off-the-shelf products at discounted rates. Within a short span of time, you start gaining handsome profits and can create a loyal business community for a long lasting business.

Can I sell DeepthiSoft product under my own brand name ?

Yes ofcourse, The Softwares will be co-branded. The software which the end client will use may be customized to appear with your company logo, colour pattern etc. There will be line marked on every software "Marketed by (your company) powered by DeepthiSoft". Co-branding will be done for ELP enterprise level partners only and specially for bigger software projects only. Small softwares which are readymade off-the-shelf products will not carry any co-branding. But If required, we can do co-branding for small softwares/ off the shelf products for ELP enterprise level partners.

Do you have an evaluation version of DeepthiSoft Softwares ?

Yes. The evaluation Softwares are provided to you, which allow you to test it. We will set up a demo account for you for our software and provide the necessary online help.

Do you provide on-site training ?

Normally we provide all the assistance online through Teamviewer and chat / e-mail. However if you desire onsite help in installation and training, the same can be organised at a cost. In that, DeepthiSoft  personnel will arrive in order to provide an on-site training to you. We will teach you on how to operate MSO( Medical Smart Office ) , install the software, etc. He will also show you how to use various applications, and how to market them. The training period can range upto 5-15 days. Immediately after the training is over - you will be fully operational and ready to start selling DeepthiSoft Products.

I want to become a Business Partner. How do I start?

Kindly download application form, fill it and send to us for evaluation. If we find suitable we will send you an Agreement Form to become our Business Partner.

If I have more questions.
Please send email to
Please fill the application form and send to
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