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Widespread Technology is a leading end-to-end provider of Mobile Applications and Online Services to corporate and consumer markets. Widespread Technology aims to service corporate brands with a great focus on obtaining a quality output with a vibrant purpose.

Widespread Technology has the ability to provide seamless mobile-enabled services across all operators within the country using its mobile platform. This would ensure a single platform for the client to provide services to the target consumers irrespective of which operator network they belong to. Our solutions include Bulk Messaging Platform, SMS Marketing, SMS Applications, Two-way SMS, and Premium Short Code Service. It is a flexible platform which is both scalable and extensible.

Widespread Technology is know to offer fastest and cheapest bulk SMS. We are providing sevices for the many clients in various domains like: Bulk sms reseller companies, Passport offices, Standard institute offices, Government departments, Securities / Stock brokers, Directory services, Construction Companies, software companies, Hospitals, Blood banks, Couriers, Advertising / marketing, Banks / Insurance / Finance companies, Mineral water / Gas distribution agencies, Airlines/Railways, RTO / Police, Tax Authorities, Excise / Customs, , Electricity / Water AuthoritY and TV / Radio stations

Widespread Technology also reiterates its commitment to work with the client on a regular basis, identifying problems and coming up with novel solutions, continuously improving and refining the operational capabilities. The emphasis will be on the continuous evolution of the business model assessing the technological improvisations and market realities.
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