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User friendly Patient Registration Form that captures complete patient information
MSO makes the task of patient registration easy by offering suggestive options from data base.
Provision to capture and store patient image on registration form
Automatic generation of a random and unique registration number with BarCode on completion of registration form.
Patient is provided with a printed ‘UHID-Patient ID card’ with unique registration number and patients photo, with Barcode Patient ID card can also double up as cash card by computerised transfer of cash points OR as discount card.
Prevents duplicate registration of a patient by displaying patient information from data base and flashing a broad message.
Provision for recording insurance details.
Provision to capture additional information in Medico-legal cases.
A temporary registration number is allotted to the baby to be born at the time of registration of mother for delivery so that clinical details of new born are entered in the software at birth.
Appointment scheduling
Allotment of time slot of consultants as per availability and prefixed time schedule.
Provision for online appointment on hospital website integrated with MSO. New patients can register themselves on hospital website and are allotted registration number, a feature unique to MSO12.
Patients registered online are not required to stand in registration queue in hospital and can directly consult doctor.
Provision to displays message in case a doctor is on leave.
Provision to assign consultation type as ‘New’ or ‘Follow up visit(Regular)’
Display of validity of OPD consultation on payment receipt.
Provision for Appointment cancellation/re-scheduling.
Provision to send reminders via E-mails/SMS etc.
Provision for recording additional details in Medico legal cases.
Provision for categorising patients as Internal patients(Direct patients), External patients (brought by visiting consultants), Referred patients (referred by practising doctors)
Provision for registration during camp activities                                                                       .

Billing and Invoicing

Provision to perform all billing and Invoicing operations in a fast and smooth manner.
Provision for wide range of billing options such as investigation billing, service billing for medical procedures/physiotherapy etc.,vaccination billing, inpatient billing, operation and delivery billing.
Provision to provide instructions to patients to be followed before getting their tests done in Investigation billing and to give different appointments for different tests.
Provision of recording of D.O.A., room tariff, doctor visits, operative procedure rates, anaesthesia charges etc. in inpatient billing.
Realtime billing of all patient related services provides instant bill status to patients.
Payment option offers variety of payment options to choose from viz: cash, credit card, cheque, against company account etc.
Provision to defer receipt of payment by selecting ‘On Credit ‘ option.
Provision to offer discount in bill amount in percentage OR in fixed amount.


Provides enquiry assistance for current in-patient details.
Advanced multi criteria search for registered patients.
Front desk provides information about hospital services and tariff, information about admitted patients, Information about consultants, bed availability etc. from user friendly interface in Medical Smart Office
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