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Inventory Management Module

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Inventory Management Module

The stores and inventory management helps in keeping track of each and every item consumed within the healthcare organization. It keeps track of the sales and purchases taking place within the healthcare organization. All store and purchase activities such as indents from sub store to main store, issue of items from main store, purchase proposal, generating purchase proposal etc.are carried out online.


  • Easy voucher entry of stock thru linkage with Purchase order.
  • Provision for assigning specific items to different stores.
  • Online stock distribution to sub-stores.
  • Online indent request from sub-store to the main store and issue of items from main store to sub-store.
  • Online generation of Purchase proposal.
  • Online generation of purchase order to the shortlisted vendor(s).
  • Maintenance of Vendor list.
  • Alerts for items nearing expiry.
  • Real time stock position.
  • Facility to write off unusable stock online.
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