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Investigation Module

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MSO Investigation module has been developed extensively to capture each and every aspect of investigation activity viz: investigation requisition, billing, sample receiving and transportation, sample testing and reporting and finally  report despatch.  The module covers complete functionality of Biochemistry lab, Serology lab, Haematology lab, Cytology lab, Histo-pathology lab, Immunology lab, Microbiology lab, Radiological and other special investigations


  • Investigation requisition is made by doctor by selecting desired investigation from fast search menu.
  • Bedside investigation can be advised separately
  • Billing for selected test is done automatically on front desk
  • Test report is entered on report format in a fast and convenient way. Descriptive reports are recorded using templates
  • Normal range of each test is displayed for ready reference and any variation in test report is highlighted automatically.
  • MSO  investigation module has provision for putting electronic signatures of pathologist on test reports.
  • Test report is also displayed on hospital website from where it can be viewed by the patient in a secure manner by using online password generated from software.
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