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TPA Claims Tracking Module

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TPA Claims Tracking Module

Processing and Monitoring of Medical Insurance claims is a huge task and requires large number of personnel for appropriate management of TPA cell. In the absence of a robust monitoring mechanism there are possibilities of mismanagement and manipulation which can cause financial loss to the organisation. TPA Claims Tracking Module tracks all cases at different stages of claim, thereby removes the possibility of missed cases, manipulation by staff and also leads to reduction in staff required in TPA cell.


  • Displays all TPA claim cases automatically after final billing.
  • Facility to tag claim cases as Unprocessed, Underprocess, Settled and Closed.
  • Display of claim details such as Total claim amount, Pharmacy charges, Investigation cost, Amount approved etc.
  • Auto Selection of Surgery Name , Doctor Name
  • Claim Process Amount , Approved Amount on which Date Detail Transaction Report
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